100% of divorced men wish they had read this website before proposing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This site is a restoration of the original "no marriage" site as it existed between 2003-2009.

Are you a loser or a pussy?

Let's translate "loser" from women-speak into English.

"Loser" in woman-speak simply means a man who is smart enough to do things that are in HIS best interest.

  • You don't spend your hard-earned money on women - you are a loser

  • You expect regular sex - you are a loser

  • You are not interested in marriage - you are a loser

  • You don't want to be stuck with kids - you are a loser

  • You don't want to slave away 60 hours a week so a woman can buy a new SUV every year - you are a loser

  • You prefer South American women who treat you better - you are a HUUGE LOOOSER

    The alternative to "loser" is a pussyfied man, or simply a pussy.

    A pussyfied man does what a woman wants - he is a docile schmuck who slaves away at work and pays her bills and doesn't pester her for sex.

    In other words, he is an ideal husband.

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