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Examples of modern American women

Picture of Big Beautiful American Women relaxing in the park:

Anonymous quotes:

So I am 47 years old, single again and dating. What I have found:

The women are pigs.

From meeting a couple do you know what they classify as an "average" build these days? Average is considered anything less then 300 lbs on a 5'2 lady. 300 to 500 is considered "Rubenesque," while over 500 is considered being a BBW, which I have learned is "Big Beautiful Woman."

Good God, American women, you are turning into disgusting pigs!

I see most women below the age of 40 as having unrealistic expectations, bitter, angry, extreme emotional and mental problems, unpredictable behaviour, difficult to be around and just have a plain old good time with, difficult to please, moods that vacillate constantly...

They take exorbant amounts of medication, are not able to keep a goal in mind and complete it, complain and nag, are highly negative and far too masculine in my humble opinion...

They eat too much, enjoy fast food far too much, expect for the guy to pay everything, base most of their joys on going out clubbing, purchasing clothes, and having a sense of "status."

Most of them invest a lot of effort into making themselves appear pretty, special, and different than other females, but it is completely transparent.

The modern American female is an empty shell of a human being, and apparently there are few exceptions.

P.S. Most of them act like they are 15 years old.

Immaturity, undeveloped self-esteem, constant contradictions, emotional response and/or overreaction to the SIMPLEST misstatement or problem, an inability to handle adversity, constant self-absorbment, a total failure of inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning or simple pattern recognition, short attention span, superficiality, an extreme need for dependence while loudly declaring independence, etc...

Here is a list of qualities this worthless American woman expects in a man.

Read the books to understand why foreign women don't have the problems American women have and why dating and marrying non-American-raised women makes so much sense.

This is the question for "Dear Abby" advice column:

Dear Abby:

I have been married for over 11 years. My marriage was a dream come true and appears to be ideal, with a loving husband, a big house, nice jobs, fancy vacations and now two children.

A twist of fate started seven years ago when I was reunited with an old friend from high school. Within a year we became intimate and very attached. We tried to stop seeing each other, but our separations wouldn't last.

Four years ago I got pregnant with my second child.

It turns out the child is not my husband's. My friend wanted me to divorce my husband but could only offer his love and companionship and not the marriage or lifestyle I now have.

I was scared of starting over in life. My secret relationship and all communication with my friend ended shortly after I gave birth. No one has any idea of our affair.

I recently was in contact with him after 2 1/2 years. We still love each other, and I don't think I can live without him. I feel so guilty about my feelings that I cause a lot of arguments in my marriage. I mentioned divorce to my husband, so now we see a marriage counsellor. It has been helping.

The problem is the entire story isn't out in the open. I know I really messed up. Help!

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