100% of divorced men wish they had read this website before proposing.

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Give me ONE good reason why a man should sign a marriage contract with an American woman.

Give me one good reason why a man should sign the marriage contact with an American woman.

With a foreign bride, I guess you need to sign the marriage contract so she can get her green card and move to the United States. Ok, fine.

But with an American woman, why not just live with her and have sex with her. Verbally commit for life if you want.

The ONLY thing that signing that marriage contract will do is ensure that the man gets royally screwed in divorce court if the relationship doesn't work out. And since American-American marriages have a 60% divorce rate, that's a very real possibility.

As a man, what's in it for me?

Nothing, unless you are the ex-husband of a rich celebrity of course.

Here are some commonly suggested reasons for getting married - and why none of them pass muster.


>> Two people can love each other without the marriage contract.

** Doesn't feel like love in divorce court.

** Love is the delusion that one woman differs from another.

Vowing that you have the faith and commitment.

>> You can make that vow without the marriage contract.

** Right up to the time the guy doesn't make enough $$ to keep her happy (moving target!!)

Celebrating this with your friends and family.

** What, holidays aren't enough?

Health insurance.

>> Minor benefit. If both people are working, it's a non-issue. And the marriage penalty in taxes offsets this benefit.

** That's a bullshit reason for getting married.

Making it harder to abandon someone during the hard times.

>> That's only a benefit to a woman because women get preferential treatment in divorce court.

** May make it harder on the guy, but women are OK bolting any fucking time. Especially the hard times.

Ensuring that the world and society views you and treats you as a team.

>> Why be a tool for society? Make your own decisions, and don't let society tell you how to live.

** Grow up already. Society doesn't give a rat's ass about you or me.

I ask: why not, if you sign a pre-nup?

>> Often, pre-nups expire after a certain amount of years. Plus, women now can contest pre-nups and essentially render them void.

** Pre-nups don't help at all in issues like who gets the kids, visitation rights, and child support.

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